A narrow-band Internet based on honeycomb

Narrow Band Internet of Things, nb-iot

Become an important branch of the Internet of everything. The nb-iot is built on a cellular network and consumes only about 180KHz of bandwidth, which can be deployed directly to GSM networks, UMTS networks or LTE networks to reduce deployment costs and achieve smooth upgrades. [1] nb-iot is an emerging technology in the IoT field, which supports the cellular data connection of low-power devices in wan, also known as low-power wan (LPWA). Nb-iot supports long standby time and high efficient connection to network connection. It is said that the battery life of the nb-iot device can be increased to at least 10 years, while also providing a very comprehensive indoor cellular data connection coverage. Application scenarios: smart city construction, smart parking, water meters, IOT bracelets, etc