Shenzhen boat intelligent technology co., LTD. Was established in October 2012. It is one of the earliest mobile terminal solutions provider in shenzhen. The company is a mobile communication terminal product research and development, production, sales and services in an integrated modern high-tech enterprise. We provide first-class technical solutions and excellent service to our customers. Bo OTT intelligent technology is located in shenzhen nanshan district science and technology park, head office with software, hardware, machine research and development staff of more than 80 people, project, quality, purchasing, planning, operating personnel more than 50 people, such as annual sales total about 15 -- 1.8 billion yuan. Was established in 2013, bo OTT (nanshan) branch, number of employees more than 200 people, with annual sales of about 900 million yuan, at the end of 2013 established HuaXu digital display technology, is mainly responsible for the whole machine research and development, production, sales overseas, has four production lines, more than 200 employees, annual sales of 500 million yuan. In 2014, the company invested rmb6 million yuan, controlling 60% of the company to establish boao source technology, with 4 NPM high-speed lines, more than 150 employees, and annual output of 300 million RMB. Shenzhen bo OTT intelligent technology co., LTD. (chongqing branch) : chongqing bo Macao special intelligent technology co., LTD., founded in 2016 on January 28, a registered capital of 50 million, the production base is located in chongqing municipality jiulongpo district west peng park, to give priority to dozen of products production of mobile phone chips and the whole machine assembly. There are more than 150 employees, with 3 patch lines, 3 two-way intelligent wearable production lines and 10 assembly lines. In the same year, chongqing bobao yuan trading co., ltd. and chongqing bowaite technology co., LTD. OTT intelligent technology has been steadily forward, perfect the current technology backbone and architecture, combined with the trend of the development of the industry, go the way of industry and capital, ODM and industry application direction, will be a very promising way out.


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